Croquet Challenge

  • 11 May 2019
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • NCC

Spectators welcome to watch the Champions compete

!!!!! COME WATCH !!!!!


Saturday May 11, 2019

1-3 PM

Sherif & Jeff

In the first ever Collect-the-Clips Challenge

Championship Players coming!

Sherif Abdelwahab & Jeff Soo, two of the world's best players, will each have their own court at the NCC (courts 6 & 7). The two courts will be set-up with the same clip and ball positions. Then the two players will SIMULTANEOUSLY attempt to solve a Collect-the-Clips Puzzle. The Challenge will consist of seven puzzles. The winner will receive $250.


In this game 4 hoops are chosen, and 4 balls are placed, by random draw.

Each draw of the hoop/ball positions creates a new Collect-the-Clips "Puzzle”.

It is Striker’s job to pick a ball (any ball) to be his striker ball and to then run a break (under AC rules) that begins with a lift-to-position. During the break, Striker seeks to collect all 4 clips – in any order he chooses. He does so by making identified hoops, and/or by peeling at identified hoops, subject to the proviso that he can make no more than 2 hoops and therefore must complete at least two peels. 

Collecting the 4 clips earns basic points and the opportunity for bonus points. Failure to collect all of the clips results in a score of zero for the puzzle.

Click here for complete rules and notes on Collect the Clips

Howard Sosin will be on the Veranda explaining the play. This will be video taped and available on YouTube.

Come watch and have a complimentary Mojito or cocktail of your choice.


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