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The sport of croquet involves a confusing array of organizations. As Chairman of the Croquet Foundation of America (CFA), I often have to correct or clarify for people, the differences in the roles of the CFA, the United States Croquet Association (USCA), the National Croquet Center (NCC), and the National Croquet Club (The Club). This article will try to make that clear for you. If you learn this, you ll be one of the most knowledgeable croquet players in the country!

The United States Croquet Association was formed in 1977 and pioneered the growth of the sport in America. It is the sport's official National Governing Body.  The USCA is a founding member of the World Croquet Federation (WCF). Its a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that promotes the awareness, development and enjoyment of croquet in America. It provides resources and governance for the sport at all levels. It is a membership organization, with about 300 clubs and 4,000 members. It has an elected board of Officers and Directors (representative of the six regions). 

The USCA stages the National Championships in each version of the game and sanctions hundreds of tournaments (local, regional, national and international) each year. It provides handicapping, ranking services, instruction and referee certifications.  Through its many volunteer committees it provides assistance, guidance and resources for all facets of the sport. 

In addition to managing all forms of the sport in the US, the USCA establishes the official rules for two of the four most popular forms of the sport (American 9-Wicket backyard croquet and American Six Wicket Croquet). It also collaborates with international governing bodies on changes and updates to Golf Croquet and Association Croquet rules.

The CFA, formed in 1979, is also a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit sports organization whose broad mission, like the USCA, is to promote and develop the sport but in different ways. The CFA was originally formed as a fundraising arm of the USCA, as the USCA did not originally have not-for-profit status. The CFA originally paid for touring instructors, publications, and generally promoted the sport. The CFA s focus changed radically when it committed to build and operate the NCC in about 1999.

The CFA is not a membership organization. It is managed by a self-electing Board and an Executive Committee. It owns and operates the National Croquet Center (NCC). The CFA rents court space at the NCC to the USCA; to other nearby clubs as overflow for their club tournaments; and to distant clubs who wish to come to the Center for an outing or school during the winter season. It also provides day rates for NCC s lawns (subject to availability) for visitors who may wish to use the facilities during a short visit.

The CFA owns and operates the world s largest croquet Pro Shop. It manages the US Croquet Hall of Fame Induction & Gala and the National Croquet Museum at the NCC (soon to be online, as well).

The CFA runs three, open croquet tournaments for fundraising and promotion of the both the sport and the NCC: The Steuber Classic for American 6-Wicket & Golf Croquet and the Snowbirds versus Flamingos Golf Croquet challenge, both open tournaments; and the Palm Beach County Golf Croquet Summer League for players from clubs, as well as non-club members, to introduce the working community to the sport. It also provides free golf-croquet lessons and a game to the general public on Saturday mornings at 10:00, by appointment.

As a major factor in its role of promoting the sport, the NCC rents space to corporate, government, not-for-profit, and private individuals for any occasion, frequently accompanied by playing golf” croquet. Instruction is provided by volunteers from the resident National Croquet Club. This gives very broad, positive exposure and promotion to the sport, and results in many new players, in addition to the revenue it provides to support the Center.

In support of its community, the CFA rents event space to any not-for-profit organization at a substantial discount, including hosting some events for free. This also serves to broaden the exposure of the sport to the general public.

As another important part of its commitment to the community, the CFA sponsors numerous croquet-related charitable activities such as the Palm Beach County Special Olympics Croquet Club (exclusively at the NCC), Boys & Girls Clubs, Florida Senior Games, Veterans programs, College programs, etc.

The CFA shares its space, facilities and staff at the NCC, for a negotiated fee, with the National Croquet Club the largest croquet club in the US, now approaching 500 members in various categories. Please note: The National Croquet Club is not to be referred to as the NCC.

During any major power-outage emergency, such as in the aftermath of a major hurricane, the NCC and its caterer act as a Red Cross feeding station.

Sandy James Fine Food and Productions, Inc. ( Sandy James”) leases space at the NCC for its operations. At the NCC, it provides exclusive, in-house catering for the USCA, the National Croquet Club, the CFA, and for all visitors and events on property. They are one of the highest-rated caterers in all of Palm Beach and nearby counties. James Bartle is its owner. The CFA receives a portion of  all on-site food and beverage sales as part of its rent.

Relevant websites you should bookmark or add to your browser s reading list include: (website of the croquet club resident at the NCC); ( (USCA) for all things croquet; (CFA website oriented toward the NCC s operations, its superb event capabilities, and the Pro Shop); (covers the croquet-related charitable activities of the CFA at the NCC,  (website of our excellent resident caterer), and coming soon, an exciting online Croquet Museum section.

Other useful websites of interest are (the real-time results of US and all registered worldwide croquet matches); (independent, national and international croquet news); and (Latest news World Croquet Federation).         

You re now an expert! Perhaps you should file this where you can send to others when they ask “What’s the difference between…?”

David McCoy, Chairman

Croquet Foundation of America



Welcome to the National Croquet Club (the Club) Home Page. The Club is the largest in the US, and is headquartered at the Charles P. Steuber National Croquet Center (NCC), owned and operated by the Croquet Foundation of America (CFA). The NCC is the largest and finest dedicated croquet center in the world. It resides on ten beautiful acres in West Palm Beach just minutes away from Palm Beach International Airport. It is just a block away from Trump International Golf course, The Palm Beach Zoo, and The Science Museum .

The NCC has a 19,000 square foot, Caribbean-Colonial-style building that provides headquarters office space for the CFA, the United States Croquet Association (USCA), and the National Croquet Club. It also houses the Croquet Museum, the Croquet Hall of Fame, and the largest croquet shop in the US. It is also home to our in-house caterer, Sandy James Fine Food & Productions -- one of Palm Beach County's finest caterers. 

The Center is a haven of peace in a bustling world. Inside you will find wide entryways; gracious space for dining; an elegant lounge; and two upstairs ballrooms for dinners, dancing, or meetings. It is surrounded by wide verandas overlooking four acres of lush lawns that are the equivalent of laser-level putting greens (105’ X 84’ each). These qualities make it an ideal party space for almost any event. Click here: to go the the National Croquet Center website for full details of the building, its capacities and its capabilities. 

Why is the Croquet Center offering party or meeting space? They want everyone to come and see that croquet is no longer just a backyard family game; or a game of the idle rich, or an “old folks” game. In its four main variations, it can be all or any of these, but in reality is so very much more. It is now a serious sport with serious equipment. It offers unique benefits to its players -- young and old -- and is a game that should appeal to almost anyone, young or old; male or female. It can be highly competitive, playing with a handicap system in frequent tournaments throughout the US and internationally at public spaces and at the finest clubs and resorts, or just for fun and relaxation locally.

Croquet is low impact (just walking, bending and swinging a roughly three-pound mallet between your legs to hit a one-pound, solid plastic ball), yet it can be highly competitive, strategic, and mentally stimulating, with a major social component where you will make many new friends. All of these characteristics are proven to benefit health, mental acuity and longevity. 

Croquet is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle. Learning the game is a rewarding experience for young and old alike. It is a game you can play for a lifetime -- and make friends for life. The main building has fine dining by Sandy James Fine Foods, the in-house caterer to the National Croquet Center. They are also available for memorable special events; corporate outings, weddings, etc.

If you are planning an event, it isn’t required that it includes croquet, but it is highly recommend for something different and fun. Either way, our purpose will be served if you and your guests simply see the facility and understand that this is a serious competitive sport that you can take up successfully at any time of life.

Come visit the National Croquet Center today and experience for yourself the fun and competitive nature of the game. The Center is open daily from Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. The courts are open daily Tuesday through Sunday for Club Members. Phone: 561-478-2300 Ext. 3 for more information on how to become a Club member, or to schedule your next event. You will be glad you did. 


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