Croquet Court Policy

Court Reservations:

Members are required to sign in both themselves and their guests.  This information is used to locate members in the event of an emergency; to help other members locate you; for statistical purposes (important to CFA’s fundraising and non-profit status), and for insurance purposes.
Courts must be reserved
either by signing up on the schedule at the front desk or by calling (561) 478-2300 Ext 3.

Courts are
reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you sign up for a court and find you won’t be using it, call and cancel
promptly or remove your name from the sign-up sheet while at the Club.  Reservations are cancelled if you do not arrive within fifteen minutes of your reservation start time.

An individual player, or any player in the same group, may reserve  one court for no more than two consecutive time blocks, each of which is 1 1/2 hours long.

The coordinator of a regularly scheduled playing group is responsible for reserving court space ahead of time. A newly formed group may reserve up to two courts, for no more than two consecutive time blocks. Occasionally, an established group may request additional courts, based on proven attendance records.

If all courts are taken, members must double bank on their court, if asked, except that Golf Croquet is not to be double banked with American or Association Rules.

Any member playing on a court without a reservation must yield to any member who has reserved that court, if asked to do so. If no other courts are available, the member with the reservation must agree to double bank, except that Golf Croquet cannot double bank with American or Association Rules.

If you encounter any discrepancy with your reservation, please consult with the General Manager/Director of Membership.

Court Information and Scheduling:

Courts are closed every Monday for maintenance.

Courts 1 and 2 are frequently configured half-size, and are used for classes and practice.  Two courts are usually reserved for championship players unless all other courts are reserved.  Championship Courts will be identified on the court-reservation sheet, and may vary from time-to-time.

CFA, USCA and Club sponsored tournaments, and CFA facility-rental events, take precedence over member scheduling.  Court allocations are based on the number of players.  Tournament Directors, and Managers of any events, should notify the General Manager and release their reserved courts as soon as they know they are not needed.

Court Protection and Other Rules:

Do not use coins or other hard objects as ball markers because they will significantly damage expensive lawn mowing equipment if left on the court.

Chairs, strollers, canes or vehicles that make holes or tracks or otherwise damage the grass or court surface are not permitted anywhere on the lawns or adjacent playing surfaces.

Only flat, soft-soled shoes may be worn on the court. Sandals or flip-flops are discouraged due to appearance and the risk of injury. Playing barefoot is not allowed due to the potentially toxic chemicals used to maintain the courts and the risk of injury.

Court Etiquette:

An attitude of sportsmanship must be maintained on the lawns and throughout the Club at all times.  Members are expected to treat others with consideration, friendliness, and respect. A willingness to help others improve their croquet skills is encouraged, except during an actual match. 

Offensive or abusive language and shouting is unacceptable.  In the event of a disagreement, stop your clock and consult the Club Pro, an accredited referee, or the General Manager/Membership Director, as appropriate.

Unless others are waiting to play, when finished playing, retrieve all balls and place them in the ball carrier numbered for that court, regardless of the time of day.  Put the carrier, clips and time clock in the water cooler cabinet and close the door.  Place trash in receptacles and, if after 3:00 PM., please stack the chairs.

Court Smoking Policy:

Smoking is not permitted on the courts at any time, or anywhere on property where the smoke can be detected by others who might be affected This includes carrying lit or unlit cigars, cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Please refer to the CFA’s full smoking policy for details.

Equipment Policy:

The National Croquet Center has mallets available for your temporary use until you obtain your own mallet.  They are stored in the mallet “crib” on the southeast corner of the veranda, and should be returned there after each use.  National Croquet Center mallets may not be removed from the premises.

Members are asked to purchase their own mallet no later than three months after full membership (Intro Membership excluded).  Several different mallet types are available in the Pro Shop. 

Guest Policy: 

Full members get 2 free guest passes per year.  The same person may not be a free guest more than twice.  Otherwise, the standard $25/day guest fee applies.  Members must accompany guests.

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