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APRIL 6, 3:00 PM



Yes, that's the time for Twilight Croquet, during the USCA national championship for Association Croquet, when we expect to have a shortage of space on the regulation courts.  So we will be prepared to have Golf Croquet games on the Back Nine.

* Two half-courts for hard-ball Golf Croquet on the south end of the Back Nine.


* The entire Back Nine for SuperSize Croquet, organized and managed by Bob.  (The game is also Golf Croquet, albeit on a huge oval course with terrain.) may bring non-member guests for the SuperSize Croquet.  (Believe it or not, they can beat you at your own game with this SuperSize format and equipment.)


This event premieres Back Nine improvements financed largely by the SNOWBIRDS AND FLAMINGOS fund-raiser--including a portable canopy.  There will be plenty of seating.  And you and your guests may play SuperSize Croquet as long as you like, in the multi-tiered elimination format that quickly puts you at peer level in the game.


RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.  The event is free and space is limited, so sign up now!

This is what the Back Nine looked like in the spring of 2002, before the clubhouse opened.  (You might notice that the railings haven't been put up on the veranda.)

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