The National Croquet Center
Outside Pro Teaching Policy

The National Croquet Center (NCC) is a public facility. Its owner, the Croquet Foundation of America (CFA), employs a resident croquet professional (resident Pro) onsite for its purposes and for the benefit of the National Croquet Club (Club), the United States Croquet Association (USCA), and visitors to the site.

The resident Pro has the right to set his own prices for private paid instruction at the NCC. This arrangement is part of his compensation. Arrangements are made directly between the resident Pro and the individual or group seeking a private lesson. The General Manager or other CFA staff may assist him from time to time in arranging lessons.  

The USCA, the Club, or the CFA itself may also hold schools or clinics at the NCC using outside paid pros, which may or may not include the resident Pro. Otherwise, no one (including a Club member) is allowed to give paid lessons and unpaid lessons at the NCC, except with the approval of the CFA and or the resident Pro.

The following procedures and fees apply for outside croquet pros giving paid lessons at the NCC independently (not teaching under the auspices of the CFA, the Club, the USCA or the resident Pro):

  Anyone instructing for a fee (or not), must book and sign up for a court with the NCC’s General Manager at least one day in advance of the paid lesson. Lessons cannot be scheduled on Saturday morning, or at other times that courts are being heavily utilized by National Croquet Club Members or by events at the NCC.

  •       Instructors must enter through the front of the building, and promptly register with and make the appropriate payments to the General Manager (currently Marie Sweetser) or another CFA representative in the office, in advance of their lesson.
  •         Outside croquet pros must provide proof of personal liability insurance.
  •         Outside croquet pros, and their student(s) if not National Croquet Club Members, must sign a waiver absolving the CFA and other related parties at the site of any liability in connection with all activities while at the site (see waiver for complete terms).
  •        Pros must check in and pay 20% of their lesson fees ($10 minimum based on a $50 lesson fee) by cash or check unless otherwise agreed to by the resident Pro and notified to the General Manager. This fee is either paid to the resident Pro or passed on to the resident Pro by the General Manager (or other CFA representative).
  •         If the party receiving instruction is not a National Croquet Club Member, he or she is subject to a facilities charge of $10 per person for the lesson, payable upon check-in at the front office to the CFA.
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