NCC croquet pro, Rick Landry, has just finished up his first season with much success, and is now anxious to get started on the upcoming season. Rick would like to thank all the members who took lessons with him and especially those who helped with corporate events, which without their help, would not have been possible. Rick will be holding clinics, rule classes, private and semi-private lessons throughout the summer and through the season. The complimentary classes in season will be held on Sunday afternoon starting with advanced golf croquet at 1PM followed by American rules at 2PM. Also, he will be introducing a hybrid game which combines golf croquet and American rules. Please keep an eye out for sign-up sheets and emails. For more information please contact Rick directly at 603-651-7337 or email

Rick's Croquet Tip: 

"When practicing croquet shots, be certain to pick the exact spots for the balls to land. If the balls fail to land on the spots, find out what went wrong. If the front ball (croqueted ball) did not go the right distance, it was a backswing problem in that more or less was needed. If the front ball did not go in the right direction, the placement of the back ball (striker's ball) was incorrect. If the direction of the back ball was wrong, it was the aim of the body and the mallet that caused it or a miss-hit of the striker's ball. And finally, if the back ball did not go the right distance relative to the front ball it was a shot selection problem."

-Rick Landry

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